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We are your premier partner for personal and oral care ingredient solutions. From skin and hair care to oral hygiene and even household care, discover how our products and expertise, supported by our regional laboratories, can transform your formulations.


Learn more about our state-of-the-art product solutions. We source exclusively from reliable international technology partners who are world-class innovators in the personal care sector.


See which industry segments we support and how we can help businesses overcome common industry challenges. Our technical expertise and product solutions are at your disposal.


Find out what is happening in Asia’s personal care industries. Learn more about the latest trends. See how new approaches and innovative products can help your business succeed.


Dive into our Dental Solutions Centre, where innovation meets oral care. Discover how our specialised ingredients and lab support can enhance your dental products for market success.

What We Do

A Modern Approach to Personal Care Industries

Jebsen & Jessen Ingredients stands as a leader in the personal care industry, renowned for our dedication to excellence and innovation. We provide a broad array of high-quality ingredients, including active ingredients, surfactants, emulsifiers, silicones, and emollients, tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients across skincare, haircare, and beyond.

Our team offers deep technical expertise and insight, supporting clients through every stage of product development. We understand market trends and consumer demands, enabling us to deliver solutions that stand out in the competitive personal care market.

We pride ourselves on collaboration, working closely with clients to understand their unique needs and providing personalised support. As a partner in creation, Jebsen & Jessen Ingredients ensures our clients have everything they need to innovate and succeed.

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Years in Asia

Metric tons of specialty ingredients distributed each year

International technology partners


Our Technology Partners

We’ve been working in Asia for more than 125 years, building relationships with international technology companies from all over the globe. Take a look at some of our main partners below.

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Our Product Solutions

Our portfolio encompasses a wide array of specialised products designed for the personal care industry, with a keen focus on sectors like sunscreen and oral care. Amid the industry’s evolving demands, we highlight our commitment to sustainability by featuring a selection of eco-friendly ingredients. These sustainable options are part of our initiative to support the development of consumer products that are not only effective but also environmentally responsible. By exploring our diverse range of product types, businesses can discover innovative solutions that align with the trend towards sustainability, helping to drive growth in an eco-conscious manner.

Anticaking Agents

Anti-Caking Agents

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Anti-Caking Agents are essential in preventing the aggregation of particulate ingredients, ensuring smooth and uniform textures in powdered personal care formulations. They are particularly crucial in products like talcum powders, mineral-based makeup, and powdered sunscreens, enhancing product flowability and preventing clumping for a superior consumer experience.



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Emulsifiers play a pivotal role in creating harmonious mixtures of oil and water phases, key to developing stable, homogeneous emulsions in creams, lotions, and sunscreen formulations. By carefully selecting the right emulsifiers, formulators can achieve desired product consistency, ensuring long-term stability and enhancing skin feel and moisturisation properties.



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Opacifiers are used to reduce the transparency and increase the opacity of personal care products, contributing to the aesthetic and sensory attributes of formulations such as lotions, creams, and hair care products. They are essential for achieving a luxurious, creamy appearance in products, making them more appealing to consumers.

Rheology Modifiers

Rheology Modifiers

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Rheology Modifiers allow for precise control over the viscosity and flow behavior of personal care products, enabling the creation of everything from thick creams to flowing lotions and gels. These ingredients are key to formulating products with ideal application properties, enhancing consumer satisfaction through improved texture and stability.

Skin Actives

Skin Actives

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Our selection of skin actives, including Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-Blemish, and Lightening Agents, addresses a wide array of skin concerns. Tailored for formulations aimed at enhancing skin appearance and health, these actives offer targeted solutions for aging, acne-prone, and unevenly pigmented skin. By incorporating these powerful ingredients into your skincare products, you can deliver tangible benefits and meet the specific needs of consumers seeking effective, results-driven personal care solutions.



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Surfactants are the backbone of cleansing products, providing the necessary properties to remove dirt, oil, and impurities from the skin and hair. They are fundamental in formulating effective shampoos, body washes, facial cleansers, and oral care products, offering varying levels of foaming, wetting, and emulsifying actions to meet diverse product performance requirements.



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Thickeners are crucial for adjusting the viscosity of personal care formulations, enabling the development of a wide range of product consistencies from light lotions to rich creams and gels. Beyond viscosity modification, thickeners also contribute to the stability and aesthetic appeal of formulations, enhancing the overall user experience.

UV Filters

UV Filters

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UV Filters are vital components in sun protection products, safeguarding the skin from the harmful effects of UV radiation. These ingredients are essential for developing effective sunscreens that comply with regulatory standards for UVA and UVB protection. Formulators rely on UV filters to create products that offer broad-spectrum protection, minimising the risk of sunburn, premature aging, and other UV-induced skin damage.

Our Industry Specialisations

With a wealth of experience across various personal care segments, our team offers expert solutions that cater to the latest market trends, including sustainability. Our expertise extends to supporting clients in the development of products within skincare, haircare, oral care, and more, with a focus on incorporating sustainable ingredients. We guide our clients through the process of creating products that meet consumer expectations for both efficacy and environmental stewardship. Partnering with us provides access to innovative, sustainable product formulations, enabling brands to contribute positively to the planet while meeting the needs of eco-conscious consumers.

Click on the icons below to check out sample formulations created by our personal care lab highlighting the innovative ingredients and solutions we provide:

towels and detergent

Hair Care

Our extensive portfolio for hair care encompasses ingredients ideal for shampoos, conditioners, treatments, and styling products, emphasising both performance and environmental sustainability. By leveraging our advanced laboratory capabilities, we assist clients in developing formulations that not only nourish and beautify hair but also adhere to eco-friendly practices. Our solutions cater to a wide range of hair types and concerns, offering innovations in scalp health, damage repair, color preservation, and styling flexibility, all while prioritising ingredients that support the industry’s move towards more sustainable and responsible product development.

towels and detergent

Home Care

In the home care sector, we provide a comprehensive suite of ingredients for creating effective, eco-conscious cleaning products, air fresheners, and disinfectants. Our expertise extends to formulating solutions that ensure consumer safety and minimise environmental impact, incorporating biodegradable and non-toxic components. We empower brands to innovate within their product lines, offering guidance on integrating sustainable practices that meet the demand for greener living spaces, from surface cleaners to air care, ensuring high efficacy alongside environmental stewardship.

tooth paste on tooth brush


Our offerings in the makeup industry span high-quality pigments, bases, and functional additives suitable for foundations, eyeshadows, lipsticks, and more. We focus on delivering long-lasting, vibrant, and skin-friendly makeup solutions that align with the latest beauty trends and consumer expectations for ethically produced products. Our expertise in sustainable and natural formulation helps brands develop makeup that not only enhances beauty but also protects skin health and the planet, addressing the growing demand for makeup products that are as conscientious as they are beautiful.

tooth paste on tooth brush

Oral Care

We supply a broad range of ingredients for the development of oral care products, including toothpaste, mouthwash, and more, focusing on effective, safe, and sustainable options. Our support in formulation development is tailored to creating products that offer comprehensive oral health benefits, pleasant sensory experiences, and environmental compatibility. With advancements in natural and eco-friendly ingredients, we help clients innovate in oral hygiene by introducing products that meet the stringent demands for safety, efficacy, and sustainability in today’s health-conscious market.

tooth paste on tooth brush

Pet Care

Our ingredient solutions for the pet care industry support the formulation of grooming products and other products supporting pet health and well-being, with an emphasis on safety and sustainability. We aid manufacturers in creating pet-friendly products that promote health and hygiene, utilising ingredients that are effective yet gentle on pets and the environment. Our commitment to sustainable practices helps brands develop products that not only care for pets but also align with the values of environmentally conscious pet owners, ensuring well-being for pets and the planet alike.

woman holding skin care cream


In skincare, our comprehensive ingredient range includes options for moisturisers, serums, cleansers, and targeted treatments, designed to address various skin concerns while adhering to sustainable and ethical standards. We collaborate with clients to develop formulations that leverage the latest in skin science and green chemistry, offering solutions for hydration, anti-aging, clarifying, and more. Our focus on natural, effective, and eco-friendly ingredients allows brands to create skincare products that resonate with consumers seeking purity, efficacy, and responsibility in their skincare routines.

woman holding skin care cream


Our selection for sunscreen products features advanced UV filters, stabilisers, and moisturisers that provide effective sun protection while meeting sustainability criteria. We assist clients in formulating sunscreens that offer broad-spectrum protection, water resistance, and pleasant textures, without compromising on safety or environmental impact. By prioritising eco-friendly and coral-safe ingredients, we support the development of sun care solutions that protect skin and the environment, addressing the critical need for sunscreens that safeguard health and habitats alike.

toiletries next to towels


For toiletries, including soaps, shower gels, deodorants, and more, we offer a diverse range of ingredients that combine cleaning efficiency with sustainability. Our expertise enables clients to develop innovative products that deliver superior hygiene and care qualities, using formulations that are as kind to the environment as they are to the skin. Through our commitment to sustainable and natural ingredient solutions, we help brands elevate their toiletry offerings, meeting the growing consumer demand for products that support a clean, healthy, and environmentally responsible lifestyle.


Solving Challenges for Personal Care Industries

Creating modern consumer products is an advanced process with numerous challenges and potential pitfalls. Our teams are here to evaluate and advise. Take a look at a few common industry challenges and see how we approach these issues and help customers overcome them.

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Shortage of Recognised Standard Qualified Ingredients

Some ingredients with qualified standards are hard to find during shortages. Our team ensures reliable and long-term business relationships with suppliers and clients.

Finding Quality Ingredients

Inconsistency and sub-quality ingredients will lead to problematic finished products and can seriously harm a company’s reputation. Our superior quality control guarantees quality ingredients.

Adapting to Consumer Preferences

The personal care industry is highly dynamic, with consumer preferences constantly evolving towards natural, sustainable, and multifunctional products. Our team stays ahead of market trends, offering a portfolio of ingredients that meet these demands, including natural extracts, eco-friendly alternatives, and ingredients that serve multiple functions in a single formulation.

Regulatory Compliance and Certification

Navigating the complex web of regulatory requirements and obtaining certifications (such as organic, vegan, or cruelty-free) can be daunting. We assist clients in selecting ingredients that not only comply with regulatory standards globally but also help in achieving the desired certifications, ensuring market access and consumer trust.

Formulation Stability and Performance

Ensuring that personal care products maintain their stability and performance over time, under various storage conditions, and upon application is a key challenge. We offer formulation expertise and high-quality ingredients that enhance product stability, efficacy, and sensory attributes, addressing consumer expectations for performance and quality.

Sustainability and Ethical Sourcing

With increasing scrutiny on environmental impact and ethical practices, sourcing sustainably and ethically has become paramount. We are committed to sustainable development, offering ingredients that are responsibly sourced and contribute to the creation of eco-friendly products.

Filling an Incomplete Product Range

Having to contact a wide range of suppliers and technology providers takes time. Our team has a wide international network with the right partners. We can help build bridges and connect clients to the right sources.

Working With Us

Apart from world-class product solutions and a strong technical team, our clients can also benefit from several other services.

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World-class Infrastructure

Handling more than 100,000 metric tons of specialty ingredients each year, our infrastructure is well set up, maintained and tested. From state-of-the-art warehousing processes to modern IT systems, all of these investments allow us to serve our clients better.

regulatory affairs icon

Regulatory Affairs

Asia’s rules and regulations can sometimes be difficult to navigate. That is why we have invested heavily in professional regulatory affairs teams in each country. Our local colleagues provide a deep understanding and know-how of local policies and help avoid mistakes.

certifications icon

ISO & OHSAS Certifications

All of our entities and infrastructure are ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certified. Beyond that, our regional warehouse hub in Thailand is also certified for ISO 9001. These procedures allow us to continuously improve our operation quality and the safety of colleagues, clients, and end-users.

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SAP Integrated

All of our offices and infrastructure run on one SAP system. This gives us, and our partners, full transparency of supply chain processes – from order until delivery, and after-sales.

customer service icon

Customer Service teams

Our local customer service teams in each country make sure customers can rely on us. They combine local know-how with extensive training and are there for our clients every step along the way.

compliance icon

Compliance & Anti-Corruption

Strong compliance and non-corruption practices across all of our departments help us create trust. This is why many international technology partners choose to rely on us when doing business in the region.


Good Importation Practice

Jebsen & Jessen Ingredients (T) has received the prestigious GIP+ (Good Importation Practice) award from FDA Thailand. As a GIP+ importer, we ensure that health products in Thailand meet the strictest quality and safety requirements, set by the FDA in Thailand.



Jebsen & Jessen Ingredients (T) proudly upholds the esteemed FDA Good Distribution Practices (GDP) compliance in Thailand. This recognition affirms our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of distribution quality and safety for health products.

Innovation at your disposal

Our Regional Innovation Centres

Our Regional Innovation Centre is the perfect place to start developing your next products. This Regional Innovation Centre has the infrastructure and equipment to work on complex products, helping with formulations and ingredients applications. All of our facilities, as well as the technical expertise of the specialists who run them, are available to our customers. Ask our local teams for more information or get directly in touch with our laboratory experts.

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